What’s New on Scribd in January

This winter, as you're curled up next to the heater, anticipating winter storms that may or may not actually materialize, we want to make sure you're prepared—with a good book, of course. This month our newest publishing partners bring you a great selection of titles that are sure to keep any January blues at bay.
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#FridayReads: “My Train’s Delayed” Edition

Though the trains in and out of the City by the Bay aren't the most reliable, the trains bringing new books to our library continue to arrive right on schedule. This week we've been celebrating new titles from Macmillan, Tin House, McSweeney's, and others. Not surprisingly, a few of those titles crept into our #FridayReads. With these books in hand, the train home can take it's sweet time.
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Macmillan joins Scribd

Today’s a great day at Scribd (to be fair, most days at Scribd are great, but this one especially so), because we’ve partnered with Macmillan to bring more than a thousand of their books to Scribd. Macmillan is home to some of the greatest and most beloved writers around—from Sci-Fi and Fantasy luminaries Ursula K. LeGuin, Elizabeth Bear, and Orson Scott Card to Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa to celebrated social critics Greil Marcus, Louis Menand, and Michel Foucault—and they’re all available to read right now on Scribd.
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#FridayReads: What Year Is It? Edition


A great critic once called literature “equipment for living.” This week, we re-equipped ourselves for the new year. Maybe it’s because we’re all still recuperating from holiday overload, but a lot of us found ourselves gravitating toward stories about the stresses of social situations, whether raging parties or awkward dinners or just trying to make small talk with someone you don’t know. Read more

Now on Scribd: Bloomsbury

Great news: Just in time for Christmas, Hannukah, and Boxing Day, we’ve added more than 2,500 books from Bloomsbury to Scribd. They’re a great publisher with an absurdly good list of titles—from runaway bestsellers like Tom Standage’s A History of the World in 6 Glasses and Shannon Hale’s Austenland to major award winners like Howard Jacobson’s The Finkler Question and Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones—and we're so so glad to have them on Scribd.
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#FridayReads: Hibernation edition

We don’t know about you, but we powered through this past week with one goal in mind: hibernating next week. With temperatures dropping and a slew of rainstorms passing through, we’re looking forward to staying inside with a mug of (peppermint spiked) hot chocolate and getting lost in our current favorites, which just happen to be the opposite of Christmas cheer: cold case murders, paranormal antics, and a heartbreaking fascination with the color blue.
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