Scribd readers choose best graduation speech of all time

Last week we highlighted the most famous college graduation speeches on Scribd and had you vote for your favorite. After receiving many impassioned responses and some good write-in nominations (e.g. David Foster Wallace), a single winner emerged.

With 38% of the vote, Steve Jobs’s 2005 speech at Stanford University was the clear Scribd favorite. Conan O’Brien’s address to Harvard Class of 2000 was runner up with 17% of the vote, and Bill Gates came in third with 11% favoriting his 2007 Harvard University address.

Here’s how the rest fared:

4.  Jon Stewart — 9%

5.  Other — 8%

6.  Michelle Obama — 6%

7.  Tim O’Reilly — 5%

8.  Larry Page — 4%

9. John Legend — 2%


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