Scribd’s First Annual SF Start Up Crawl TONIGHT!

Want a peek behind Silicon Valley’s curtain? Join Scribd for our first annual Start Up Crawl tonight (Friday) in San Francisco!

Today’s hottest young tech companies have joined forces with us to form this crawl. Almost 1,000 hackers have signed up already … spurring talk of expanding the Start Up Crawl to other cities soon.

What: Tour of some of San Francisco’s hottest start ups

Who: Scribd,, Engine Yard, Heroku, Heyzap, Yammer, Airbnb, Apture, Bigtent, Chargify, Dropbox, Pivotal Labs, Plato’s Forms, saucelabs, ShopItToMe, Socialcast, Zendesk

When: Friday, November 20th, 2009 (5:30-10:30pm)

Where: San Francisco

Why: We figured RubyConf attendees and Valley enthusiasts would enjoy a San Francisco tech crawl more than an evening eating at the Burlingame Bennigan’s :)

How: Buses will run every 30 minutes from the Embassy Suites Burlingame to Scribd’s San Francisco HQ. Buses will run every ten minutes between the crawl stops. (The Start Ups:; The Shuttle Stops:

Whether you ride the shuttle from RubyConf or make your own way to the city, come see the people behind some of your favorite start ups! Since this is the first year we’ve done this (and we managed to plan in just two weeks), feel free to e-mail event feedback to

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