Frommer’s, For Dummies, and CliffsNotes: Wiley Joins More than 150 publishers on Scribd

There’s a new home for the best-selling For Dummies series, Frommer’s travel guides and CliffsNotes study guides — on Scribd!  Thousands of bestselling books from top global publisher Wiley & Sons will soon be available in the Scribd Store.

Wiley joins more than 150 professional publishers, including Chronicle Books, University of Chicago Press, and Barnes & Noble imprint Sterling Publishing, selling books on Scribd.

More than five million free works and 200,000+ books are published annually on Scribd, which amounts to 25x more content than the entire U.S. book industry published during 2008 (source: Bowker). So whether you’re fixing your computer, circumnavigating the globe, or cramming for a final exam, Scribd has the documents and books you want.


  1. lostgringo

    I don’t know about a book on travel for dummies. First, you got to pretty stupid not to be able to read a follow a travel guide. Second, if your that stupid I don’t want meet you on any tours I am on.

    They do a few jokes on this about the “Stupid Traveler.” Or, I can imagine “Mr. Bean” reading this book before leaving the comfort of his room LOL.

    I wonder if they have a blackhat for dummies book or how to search Google for dummies.

    What’s next I wonder.

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