The Next Chapter of Social Reading on Scribd

Watching videos, listening to music, even surfing the web are becoming increasingly social activities.  So why not reading? When you read a great book, magazine, or document, you naturally want to share it with friends and family, right?  That’s why Scribd has always been focused on enabling a social reading experience for our users, helping people discover content and connect with people who share similar reading interests.

Now we’re taking our efforts to the next level. The popularity of Scribd Readcast has made it clear that you enjoy sharing what you’re reading and publishing with your friends on Facebook. As part of our commitment to giving people the very best social reading experience, we’re providing new members of the Scribd community with:

Personalized Content Based on Friends’ Activity: New users will automatically be connected to their Facebook friends, and their homepage will be personalized to include content that friends are reading, sharing and commenting on on Scribd.

Smarter Reading Recommendations: New users will be offered relevant reading recommendations based on their public information on Facebook.

No Login Required: Who needs another username and password to remember?  We’re using new users’ public information on Facebook to jump start profiles so that new users can start publishing and commenting right away.  No sign-up form necessary!

Starting today, when new readers visit Scribd they will notice a prominent message at the top of all of our pages, to notify them that we’re personalizing their Scribd experience and give them an easy way to learn more or turn off the experience.

Even before today’s announcement, the majority of people signing up to Scribd are choosing to manually connect their Scribd profiles to Facebook, so we’re thrilled to be able to provide a social and personalized experience to more of our readers.

-Deema Tamimi, Director of Product Marketing (recently read “Totally Tubular 80’s Toys”)

7 responses to “The Next Chapter of Social Reading on Scribd

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  4. JonathanWOW Dude! What a cool site! Love what your doin you’re a chip off the Mike Woods block. I will be checking in from time to time. Most execellnt site!Andy

  5. Thinking like that is really amazing

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