1. Mohamed

    It’s really nice that filnaly the space program is commercially available to all those can afford it. I believe privatization of such sectors could bring a dramatic change on how we view them, more transparency would mean more freedom and scope for development, however we need strict laws to govern all such commercial space accesses too.

  2. Sait

    Hi Kathleen,Happy New Year!I’m saving this post for some celeoaguls! Last year I got most of the 1/2 team onto blogging (some more successfully than others!), but my goal this year is to be able to support them a little bit more and also try and bring the other Prep teachers into it as well.And, I’m re-starting my blogging goals for my new P/1 class (non of whom have blogged before!). We started a bit over the holidays, and it’s been great to see families get involved even before the year begins. Thanks for all your posts.Stef Galvin

  3. Sohail

    Well done! I’ve just been looking toguhrh your website and think that it is an excellent tool to reach the general public. You and I have done similar things with our websites by providing a comprehensive survey of our topics that incorporates primary sources and directs readers to additional resources. It is remarkable, that given the internet’s mammoth explosion of popularity over the past fifteen years, many events still lack substantial and authoritative websites. You and I have done our parts to help fill this void and make teaching history more complete!

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