Scribd’s New Profile Pages

Today we released a new version of Profile pages on Scribd. The new design is a result of strategic thinking about how to best allow publishers and readers alike to highlight specific content.

Spotlight on Content

We have introduced multiple content modules where members can surface documents and collections they would like people to see first. Before, when people clicked on a profile, they saw the profile owner’s timeline-driven activity feed. For example, if you published or read a document — that story would appear there when the action occurred. Our publishers and readers never really had any ability to tinker or adjust this page. Until now.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 7.21.02 PM

Scribd’s new Profiles have a variety of modules that place content control squarely with the user. Users can highlight a variety of collections and documents at a number of levels:

– Featured content module appears at the top. Here, publishers and readers can really emphasize particularly noteworthy documents. Note, documents do not necessarily have to be published by the profile owner (attribution is given to the actual publisher).

Feature / Unfeature

Feature / Unfeature

– For Publishers, their published public documents will appear next. We have made it a point to highlight content with the most reading and sharing activity. At the same time, we give publishers the controls to modify what gets displayed through a “feature” / “unfeature” action.

– User’s Collections are also highlighted on the new Profile pages. As with individual documents, some collections will be shown by default, but the profile owner has ultimate control over this.

– Most popular Readcasts are also featured in the main section of the page. Events are determined by a combination of reading and sharing activity of the particular document.

– The Timeline displaying the profile owner’s activity still occupies an important place on the page, on the right panel, below the profile owner’s information.

As a result, more content will be surfaced to the top of a user’s Profile and Content pages.

Content Pages

From the Profile page, profile owners as well as other people viewing their profile will be able to navigate to content sub-pages displaying all the profile owner’s Published documents and Collections.

With the new design of these pages (as well as of the Profile) more content is displayed, providing a much better content discovery experience.

From these pages anyone can select publications to feature (or un-feature) on their own profile too.

Published Documents

Published Documents

Collections Page

Collections Page

An Individual Collection

An Individual Collection

As a note for our Publisher Partners, profile support for these accounts will be forthcoming. Please continue to follow our blog and twitter for future updates. Tomorrow we will explore the ‘My Content’ page.

Start exploring, featuring and displaying your content! As always, let us know what you think of these updates.


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    1. scribdsf

      Thank you so much for your positive comments! Spread the word. Have you seen the new homepage redesign?

    2. Vianda

      It’s a very good point and I struggle with the same thing on my blog, Joburg Expat. Yes, I’ve given the kids new idtneities, but of course if their friends were to read my blog, they’d know who they are. So far that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I admit consulting my kids prior to publishing hasn’t occurred to me, so you’re ahead of me on that! I also think our kids are much less inhibited because they’re growing up with Facebook, where we have to caution THEM not to share everything too freely. Regarding pictures, I had resolved the same thing no pics of my kids, but then a friend (who writes an excellent blog herself) suggested I needed more pictures of my family to make readers be able to see our expat life more clearly. It’s a valid point I think, and I’ve been a little less strict with pictures since then. I think this is something that evolves over time as we all grapple with digital media and where it will take us in terms of publishing information.

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