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      Hi Kathleen,Thanks so much for all your information about setting up blogs! I am in the process of setting up my first class blog to be shared between our three Grade 4 classes, as I will be taking all three classes for ICT this year. We also plan to incorporate blogging into our reading program… and no doubt other curriculum areas too, as we find our feet! I have particularly found your “5 Steps to Starting a Class Blog” post helpful. I have adapted your blogging guidelines for our blog (and included a reference and link back to your class blog) so again- thank you so much for sharing!I have a blogging etiquette question for you if you don’t mind… I have been following / watching several fantastic class blogs for a few years now (including yours & Kelly’s!) and I want to include some of these on my blogroll. Would you normally make contact with the creator of a blog before including their link on your blogroll?Thanks so much,Marika Brown.

    2. Joey

      Great way to end the month! Let’s hope that people all over the world, no maettr who they are, how they live, what they believe, will all learn to get along one day. And while I’m here, I will help myself to a piece of that delicious-looking cake. Nom…nom…nomm… Mmmm…soooo tasty. And calore-free? Doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you!

  1. Baldev

    Nelson, I will post each of your issues on the blog where you and enyoerve else can the way, when talking to rep Coffman about his support for the undersea power cable, he was asked why the Big Island isn’t powered by geothermal. His answer, It is to expensive .Sometimes the logic of our legislators escapes me.

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