1. Elizabeth

    Hi, I am one of the administrators I know you won’t get surpafest results right now, because this is a brand new growing site, and it takes a while, as you know, for the search engines like Google to start finding a new site. The more people join and the more ads there are, the fast the site will be found. If we could spend millions like eBay did to get the word out, it wouldn’t take long, but we have to do it the hard way, by just hoping more people will join, browse and buy sell or trade. The more action there is the more Google will see us, so for example, if someone types in a search for Peggy Nisbet dolls, the more likely they will see it. I am adding some more ads today. Also, the more incoming links there are, the faster it will be found so if you have a website, be sure to put on a link to NDANDTBC and also link from NDANDTBC to your website, or to you ads you have in other places like maybe Etsy. I know most places are so greedy they don’t want you to link to anyone, but really if you pay them should be able to link to whereever you want to. Hope you will all put more ads on and also, check the ads to see if there is something you want! I have a clearance sale going on on my website and am putting those same ads on here!

  2. Hanasa

    Great video! I think I might know like .one guy on there. John Mehl I think his name is. I think his pic shows up when the video first pops up. Anyone else know him? People think he’s a righteous dude! (Ferris Bueller quote for those who don’t know the line. Lol.)Anyway .video was relaly cool. Thanks for the info!

  3. Katie

    Hi Kristin! Found you on the Monday blog hop. Nice to meet you.Congrats on your upcoming relseae DARK TIDE RISING. Now there’s an intriguing title! So you’re doing NaNo! How’s that coming along?

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