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Scribd has built the world’s largest digital library, right at your fingertips. Whether on the desktop, phone or tablet, Scribd offers millions of books, magazines, research papers, scientific reports, legal documents, among others, to read and enjoy.

Today, we’re excited to announce the ability to sync your reading progress on any publication across all of our platforms. Start reading on the web and continue on the same page through the mobile web or the Scribd app. A panel on the Homepage will always display your most recently read publication. Reading from the world’s largest digital library has never been easier.



  1. McKeeCPA

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    1. Steve

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  2. Ramona

    This is so great and you are the best on the reading market!

    There is an issue with your platform-developer API and I do not know where I could contact you for this, so here it is:

    1) I am calling scribd API from my php code: docs.getList function
    2) I give as parameters:
    api_key=”my_api_key”, limit=”10″ and offset=”3″
    3) The xml returned from Scribd says:
    totalResultsAvailable=”10″ totalResultsReturned=”10″

    But totalResultsAvailable should be equal to 25 (which is the total number of documents available in Scribd database for my API account)

    Please check if possible the xml you return, in cases when “limit” and “offset” optional parameters are used for the function:docs.getList, I think Scribd always return incorrectly totalResultsAvailable equal with totalResultsReturned, which is not correct. When the function is used without the optional parameters, the totalResultsAvailable is return correctly as 25. So the problem appears only when optional parameters are used.

      1. Ramona

        There is bug in their API. Since there is no place to report it anywhere else, this is it…That’s why I posted here (no bad intentions)

    1. Wania

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  3. Anonymous

    How do you delete your recently reads if you don’t want it on there?

    1. Anthony

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  4. Thais

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  5. Cleuza

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