Two weeks

It has been two weeks since we announced our partnership with HarperCollins and launched our digital books subscription service.   We’d like to welcome all of our new subscribers and thank them for the positive feedback.  For anyone who is new to Scribd and would like to try our book subscription service, we are offering readers a one-month free trial.

As we hit our two-week mark, we created the following infographic to show more some stats and fun facts from community of readers from around the world.

Highlights include:

  • If you added all the hours subscribers spent reading books in the last two weeks, it would total 9.6 years
  • For every one book read completely, subscribers browsed 4.5 books
  • The Alchemist was the most popular book read on Scribd

Check out the full infographic for more cool Scribd stats.


  1. Debra Wilson

    I just subscribed for by month for the year to find you have taken a years worth of money out of my account at the one time and left me with a negative balance and associated fees.
    How did you get paid when there was money there for a month and not a year?
    Can I cancel my subscription, get back my money with only the one day payment taken out, and then sort out who is actually responsible for incurring a debt in my account?
    Debra Wilson

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