Scribd Gift Subscriptions: The Perfect Gift for Every Reader in Your Life


As of today, Scribd is now offering Gift Subscriptions in the form of e-Cards for the holiday season. With access to over 100,000 e-books, including new releases and best sellers, on both iOS and Android, a Scribd Gift Subscription could be perfect for anyone on your list—young, old, family, friend, or co-worker. What’s better than a gift that’s fun and thoughtful? A gift that looks fun and thoughtful.


That’s why we made Scribd Gift Subscriptions customizable. Gift givers can choose either one of eight exclusive book covers from the Creative Action Network (a marketplace of crowdsourced content from artists around the world) or a famous literary quote to accompany their e-Card when it is delivered via email. The book cover art, inspired by popular literary classics, is part of the Creative Action Network’s initiative “Recovering the Classic”; the quotes were hand-picked and feature famous authors such as Mark Twain or Louisa May Alcott.


Gift subscriptions are available at one month for $10, three months at $25, six months at $50, and one year for $100. Design one for that special bookworm in your life—or get them for everyone you know that enjoys curling up with a good book on occasion.


2 responses to “Scribd Gift Subscriptions: The Perfect Gift for Every Reader in Your Life

  1. Scribd started as a free host for books and documents, and now requires paid subscriptions, or what I will deem as “document trades” or one for one dnload/upload now. How is it that immensely popular hosting sites such as Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, and the defunct Demonoid are all free, and operate off donations and Scribd is no longer. Has Scribd’s expenses risen so high as to require subscriptions to be sold ? You have by far the best service of its kind and I thank you for it.

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