Scribd Selects: Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!


According to Jane Austen,  “the person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel is intolerably stupid.” Today is Jane Austen’s 238th birthday, and to celebrate this wonderful writer, we thought it would be fun to share some of the books that the Scribd Editorial staff finds pleasurable—specifically those by or inspired by Jane Austen herself!

pride and prejudice

Let’s start with the classics—Austen’s classics, that is. Sure, you may have read Pride and Prejudice once, or twice (or ten times) before, but somehow the “meant-to-be” love story of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet never gets old.  Once you’re ready to move on, Emma will be ready and waiting to teach you that when it comes to love, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. If you’re interested in reading something “new,” try Persuasion—Austen’s final, and perhaps most satirical novel.


Do you find that no matter how much Austen you read, you’re always wanting just a bit more? You’re not alone—after more than 200 years, Austen still lives on in the imaginations of contemporary authors. The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen re-examines the novelist’s life with the speculation of a lost journal, uncovered after hundreds of years, revealing a secret love affair. In  All Roads Lead to Austen: A Year-long journey with Jane Austen, Amy Smith  takes an exhilarating adventure around South America, a suitcase of Jane Austen novels in tow.

a year with austen

Dancing With Mr. Darcy presents the winning entries from the Jane Austen Short Story Competition. Selected by bestselling author Sarah Waters, the collection brims with charm and wit, and includes an introduction from Jane’s great-great-great-great-great niece. Marrying literary history with the paranormal, Jane and the Damned positions Jane among “exquisitely seductive” vampires.

jane and the damned

If you don’t have enough time to invest in a novel, The Wicked Wit of Jane Austen might be just enough for you to get your fix. This anthology is full of Austen’s best witticisms and a must for anyone interested in Jane Austen’s writing or the Victorian Era in general.

wicked wit

Is your head exploding with all the amazing Austenian reading material? Good! As far as we’re concerned, the best way to honor the life of such an incredible literary figure is through reading. Happy birthday Jane!


  1. Kazi masudur rahaman

    If you want to do something , you must have some knowledge about that. That knowledge give you direction to do.otherwise you can not able to do. Suppose you want to go to a country /province. You don’t know how to go to this country /province.though you have enough money in your walet .for this purpose you have to gather knowledge to go about this country / province. Now you able to go. So the question is who give you the abilities to go to the country or province. The answer is “knowledge “. Always try to read such novel/books which are really full of intellectual and positive knowledge.

  2. Kazi masudur rahaman

    ” knowledge is power ” this give you abilities to do something. Suppose doctor can earn more money because he/ she have some special knowledge. Like this the engineer, lowyar, author, pilot, consultant, and so more can earn so more money than another person because of they have some special knowledge. So these special knowledge give them abilities to earn more money/earnings. So if you want to earn more money than another persons , you must have to gather some special knowledge in your neurons/ brain. Nor you are not able to earn more money like the mentioned persons above. So seek the special knowledge to meet of your aim means aim in life.

  3. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Without knowledge and sprite your body can’t do something. Imagine this you have a healthy body and sprite also but don’t know how to write , how to read, how to wear dresses, how to cook food, how to operate computer, how to write in blog, how to operate ms word / excel/ photoshop/ illustrator , how to drive a car, how to operate dvd player, how to do a managerial/ accounting/ commercial/ clerical jobs. For all of these above functions you have to gather knowledge about these then you are able to complete such functions . Nor you can’t do though you have healthy body and sprite . So who provide the directions to your healthy body to move or to complete a function. The answer is “knowledge”. No other things on the earth can’t provide the directions to alive body to complete a function or to do any task. Basically knowledge is a software for your brain. Without software computer can’t perform anything. Like this without knowledge your body can’t do anything. So knowledge is human software. Without software your body is a junk or inactive structure though it has sprite or alivenness.

  4. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Now a days,the great quest is who is made the shape of the Mordan civilisation. In a single sentence, we can say that “knowledge gives the shape of the mordan civilisation”. For that you have to confirm first the arrange of knowledge and its implementation. Suppose you think , briks after briks makes a wall then you make a room which can be used as a shelter. We know that shalter is one of the fundamental rights of human which is found from the arrangement of some briks. If you gather a lots of briks in a place that do not make a this situation you can not find any wall means shalter. So briks are essential for wall means shelter but not all briks make a shalter. So arrange of the briks are essential for wall means shelter. Nor a pile of briks make a choas in a place means environmentafter a few days these are destroyed by the rain falls, mud or fungi. Thus you will find knowledge everywhere on the earth which are not essential for civilisation. Essential is the arrangement of knowledge and its implementation if you want to make a better civilisation. Nor the knowledge must create some incivilised events like the pile of briks. So we have to think the arrangement of knowledge and its implementation. The great enestine said that imaginations are more powerfull than knowledge. After a certain time like 45 years ,you have to close reading and think always how you implement your learned knowledge. So when implement your knowledge you have to arrange first all of your scattered knowledge nor you will be unsuccessfull.

  5. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Drop after drop of waters create a ocean. When the rains fall on the earth and into the ocean through the canel or rivers. On the course of flow toward the ocean bear some mud and throughen into the ocean. Thus the land of the earth are decaying slowly and filling the ocean gradually. As a result, within very short future flood will be happened randomly. The increased temperature of the surface will accelerate the flood rate by melting the ice on the earth. On the other side our land are going down slowly toward the coastal line. We do not realise the situation because the leaves of tree fall on the earth and becomes mud. This converted mud replace the decaying mud. For this reasons we can not understand the situation. But the practical situation is, our living land are slowly decaying. Because conversion rate are lesser then the decaying rate of mud. So we have to think how to make higher the rate of conversion of mud by planting more plants.

  6. Kazi masudur rahaman

    “knowledge is power” its mean that it teach us which is right or wrong. Without knowledge one can’t decide which is right or wrong. Suppose when you were baby/ infant you did not know which is rice / wheat. By the time of your growing, you were gathering knowledge /data about the rice or wheat such as colour, mildness, size,looks,feelings etc about the rice/wheat. These type of data /knowledge were not stored in your brain/neuron in one days. Slowly these were stored in your brain/neurons. After completing this process you were able to find out which were rice or wheat, when it came into your sight. Now if someone change the colour , size of rice or wheat and to make hard by drying, push some salts or sweats into rice or wheat and bring these in front of you. Are you able to find out these as rice or wheat?. You must say that these are not rice or wheat, may be these are different things. You confuse to eat though these are rice or wheat. Like this you know your parents very much. This also depend on your knowledge. Suppose you live in a far city from them since many years and no communication at all. In this time their health ,dress, talking style, tone, attitude and manner are highly changed. In this condition if they come into your sight you can not identify them as your parents. Because these new type of data or knowledge are not stored in your brain or neurons right now. When they come into your sight your intrapersonal communication system try to similarise to their present data/knowledge (means looking) and past data/ knowledge ( means memories about them). If it fails to similarise between the past and present data/knowledge then it give signal that these are not your parents. As a result you can not identify your parents. This time you will think that my parents were like this but now they like different. May be they are different one. After sometimes passing with them, all of their all of their present data/knowledge will be stored in your brains/neurons. Then you can find out them as your parents easily. In thus way you know your brother, sister,uncle, cousins or another close relatives because of the data/knowledge about them are stored in your brains/neurons. For that you know them nor you can not know them. Simple think that a doctor/ layer/engineer falls into a serious mental diseases and loose all of his/her knowledge about the mentioned subjects or memories. Is it possible for them to give services to people? Because there are not any data/ knowledge in their brain/neurons about the mentioned subjects. On the other hand, if a simple person (in any matured age) try to store data /knowledge about the mentioned subjects in his /her brain/neurons ( means reading the subjects) since sometimes years. After completing his /her study ( means storing data/knowledge) able to provide services to the people or society. Age is not a factor in here. Factors are data/knowledge in your brain or neurons. These data/ knowledge give order to hand do this or not/ give order to leg go there or not/ give order to eyes to see this or not. So all of the things are done by a human/ animals fully depend on data/knowledge in their brains/ neurons.

  7. Kazi masudur rahaman

    This is the age of trade and commerce. Because it fix the direction of science and all other fields by giving donation. Some fields can run independly somewhats but science can’t run without donation of trade and commerce. MBA, BBA, is the prime and well known subject of trace and commerce sectors. They give a extraordinary shape of mordan trade and commerce. These subjects provide special power to the mordan trade and commerce also. Its bring somethings new like charts, gharaps, explanation, briefs, mathematics, and so on for the drganizational success. But today it is noticed that sometimes it is identified as a paper degree. Because a person having this degree, his or her narations are not relevant to the business organization most of time. Because of inadequacy of financial and managerial accounting knowledge. Depending on this subjects you can understand and narrate business organization related activities relevantly and expertly. Unfortunately mordan MBA;BAB, program don’t like to give a strong emphasis on financial and managerial accounting. For the supersid success of trade and commerce, you have to rely on the data of financial and managerial accounting for each and every decision of business organization. Otherwise your decision will be irrelevant for the business organization. Immidiately i shall bring a short but sufficient format on these subjects which provide concepts of journal on double entry basis, ledger, trial balance. That also help you to arrange data for higher uses for managerial activities.

  8. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Electricity is the sprite of mordan machine just like the sprite of human body. Without sprite human is a inactive pile of wastage such like without electricity machine is a pile of junk. May be you can imagine the necessity of electricity. Mordan civilization highly stand up on the function of machine. Except it you can’t guess the civilization. Can you think? Basically machine is a kind of robot, the far future will be dominated by the humen depending on robots. Have you read the book of new vonmen( may be) ,here you will see that robot can make his copy. Observe the picture of Hollywood on the basis of robots or Allien,here you will find the practical senario of the future world. Such like the present drama or picture represent the present situation of our society. When you watch the Hollywood movies you have to keep in mind that imagination is on kind of power. You can’t ruin power , you can convert only. Also remain in mind that nothing is impossible on the earth. So there are a strong arguments in the movies of Hollywood. Right now it is a imagination but far future it will be a fact. You should not forget that electricity is the sprite of machines or robots. So we have to give strong emphasis to produce electricity first. Is not it? If you are not agree with me that means you are avoiding the fact in present condition. So we should think to produce electricity from the unused gravity force because it is free and abundance in nature, super conductor, today imagination will be the fact in future because imagination means thinking is a power. You can’t ruin the power , you can transform only, colour coding of electron, enhance the immune system, necessity of sound sleep, ideal food, necessity of fresh birth and dressing also mind, necessity to visit a hospital oftenly, artificial ring, dense foresting, food of brain, and so on for the welfare of human beings above all yourself. Is not it? In the following future , i shall discuss on the above mentioned concepts. Best of luck always with you.

  9. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Without sprite human body can’t be activated. So sprite is the main point of human body. So what is the main point of machine must be the electricity. Now a days different kinds of machines are the prime factors of mordan civilization. This machine ran on electricity and bring a lot of comfortness for human. Basically man can’t think without machine and it ran on electricity. If you produce more electricity and activate more machine that will produce a lots of goods and services which will enhance national GDP means a lots of goods and services are found for the comfort and happiness for mankind. Such as, if you operate many water pump and get more water which can be used for irrigation purpose to produce agricultural things that will reduce the world proverty and hungry. Maximum raw materials of industrial sectors are found from agricultural sectors. We have to think to change our traditional irrigation system and place artificial raining basis irrigation system as like the natural rains. So always you think how to produce low cost basis electricity that will change the proverty of present world.

  10. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Basically one country’s development depend on highly, how many goods and services are produced by that country in a specific time specially one year means GDP. Your country produce a lots of goods and services and gather all of these in a place, is it ok? Not at all. It is essential to transfer these goods and services from one place to another place means from producer to consumers for consumption purpose by exchange of monetary terms means money. So transfer means distribution system basically transportation media is the main factor for the development of a country. Bus or truck basis distribution system include much expenses for that goods and services prices are going up incredibly . Train and cargo basis distribution system decline the price of goods and services go down incredibly. Cargo basis transport create some problem such as when the cargo launch on the river it will create waves and the waves hit the bank of river. Slowly the bank is decaied. If excess cargo launch on the river,it may hamarage the habitat of fishes.

  11. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Todays the great question is why the human is the best creation on the earth. Because they can think rationally and live in a logical society.

  12. wikipedia

    Regularly scheduled meals (every few hours) have also proven more wholesome than infrequent, haphazard ones.
    The IQ test is the foremost known demonstration of norm-referenced assessment.
    * Involving inside the growth process and changes that’s
    never ending and self-initiated.

  13. Kazi masudur rahaman

    The world are moving surrounding the sun. The rate of moving is may be fifteen or sixteen hundread kilometers per hours. Just like a top moves on the earth surrounding its througher. But the gravity force and heavy establishments like the mountains hold it on its axsis. A great disaster will be happened if the world lose it balance due to reduction of gravity force, remove of mountains , to create unconsiderable hole on the earth. Now a days, a considerable question is removal of mountains( due to population growth or urbanization). We also remember that mountains provide us 12% of the world population reside, 40% of the ecosystem services and 50% of the fresh water.

  14. Kazi masudur rahaman

    How many people have past from the earth and how many will come on the earth, i don’t know. Do you know? But i have analysed about the past people activities on the earth and can guese the activities of future people will be on the earth. After analysing these activities, i summeris that human also animal act some works or activities on the earth from born to death. We can catagorise all of these activities or works into two group, one is negative works or activities and the other is positive works or activities.

  15. Kazi masudur rahaman

    See a English boy always talk in english because he always speaks in English also hears for that he learns to speak in English fluently without giving any especial time. The same procedure remains for France, Russian, german,chinies boy and another. So talking and hearing both are essential to learn a language. If you want to learn a language, you have to talk to other person( alternatively you can talk individually or with other persons) and hear the talking of other people( alternatively you can use a audio system for hearing of words with meaning or sentences with meaning such as mobile/ tape recorder/mp/movies etc). Remember this programme is designed only for speaking not writing.

  16. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Many people use computer for different purposes but many of them don’t type rapaidly or speedy. For that you have to memorise the following – and repeat it again and again,


    simultaniously you have to imagine where the key in the key board then you practise typing.

  17. Kazi masudur rahaman

    The mentor Aristotol believed that the brain is a lump of flesh which is used to cold the blood. But the maxium wise people believe the brain is a main part of body. It operate the other parts of the body. So it is essential to consious about the brain. Are you know,what is the food of brain? Oxygen and carbohydrates(sugar) are the foods of brain. Carbohydrates means (glucose , fructoge, glacktoge, sucroge, moltoge is the form of sugar. All of these are found from the nature. Try to avoid artificially maiden.

  18. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Every day we find two extraordinary things when we wake up from bed one is the daily news paper means the news around the world. By depending on these news you can decide in what corner you shall stand. Other is the sun. There are many components are given by the creator freely. Among them the light of the sun, air, water, and mud are mentionable. Don’t forgate that the plants highly depend on the light of sun for their existance, without the light the plants can’t survive.what will be happened in the world without plants? After a long time observation i coclude that in which things provide so many benefits that also provide such distraction if it is misused. the sun provide a lots of benefits so the distractions will be a lots of if it is misused. Can you guess if the temperature goes up 1;2;3;4;5;6 and so on selsious on the earth adding with the present condition. Or if anything from the universes hits the world for that the world go to the near to the sun means near axsis of the sun. What will happen then? So give a exceptional attention to the sun.

  19. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Men are destractive not creative ( basically transformer). He/she always want to destroy anything. But the social bindings prevent him/her not to do this. Basically man is unwise and torturer. He /she knows a little for his /her requirements/living on the earth for proper survival,but his/her capacity of knowing is so large. The great Enestine had used 15% of his total capacity of knowing. Newton said that I’m playing with a small stone on the shore of a ocean of knowledge, all of these infront of me ,are unknown to me. There are a English proverb a little learning Is a very dangerous things. Right now people have not adequate knowledge to take a proper decision. On the basis of little knowledge, most of time man take destructive decision. For that we see random disorders in our society/ environment.

  20. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Maximum people on the earth believe the creator in different name such as all mighty Allah, someone lord, someone god and so on. But a few people afraid the creator properly. Why is it occurred? Such as you and a stranger/man are sitting in a stall/shop. If you don’t know the stanger/man, you don’t show any interest about the man. If you know that the man is a d.c. ( district commissioner) in a district/province. Suppose you don’t know anything about the d.c. Without head of a district / province. Then you show some respect or honour to the d.c. Such as yes sir. Helo sir.honorable etc. Or something more then this. But if you know the power of d.c. Such as he can arrest you anytime by the police/forces, he can give you a trade licence, he can request to the district judge to bail you/free from jail or punishments, he can give you a lease of a piece of land anytime etc. Then what will happen then? You must show some especial honour/respect to the d.c. Such as honorably sir, my excellency etc. Always try to do somethings for the d.c.’s pleasement. When you get chance, you show him to the other people that the d.c. Is your friend, relatives, sir , well known person etc. Is it not? Like this, if you want to know the creator properly, you have to know the creations of the creator especially large creations such as universes, cosmos, milkyway, ocean, sea, mountains and others. Then you show some especial respects/honors to the creators like the man’s showing to the d.c. Otherwise, if you know the meaning of the creators only then you will show only some simple respects or honors like the mentioned man’s showing to the d.c. In the above.

  21. Kazi masudur rahaman

    When the carbon stay at a high pressure and pemperatured environment then it is converted into diamond. Its called artificial diamond. This kind of mentioned environment are found in a coal mine rarely. Then there are some pieces of diamond created means natural diamond. Like this(means special environment), some pieces of materials converted into another materials like gold, silver,silicon,aluminium, valuable gem etc. I already mentioned that a special environment is needed for creating the mentioned metal. There are many places/environments available in the space and these places are full of the mentioned metal and valuable stones. when the earth was created it was to much heated slowly it is colden and the mud is formed. Now the earth is full of mud so the people easily can make somethings such as jar, pot, plate, glass, bricks etc for uses(aluminium is used largly for its availability and cheap). Imagine that a place in the space, its all carbon converted into diamond for its special environment. The ground made of diamond in stead of mud. If you go there or if there are any inhabitants live ,they must be make of their necessary items such a jar, pots, glass etc by the diamond even bricks for making of shelters. Is it not? I think that many special places are available in the space where diamond or other valuable metal or gems are available.

  22. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Without metals the world are obsolete. Everywhere on earth, you will see the large scale uses of metals/alloy. Future world also will be depended on metals/ alloy largely. But the present sources of metals are ran out quickly. So we have to pursue the alternative sources. The ocean and sea beds will be the main sources of metals. The ocean beds are full of granite stones which is a source of silicon and aluminium acrik. Beneath the ocean bed within one or two kilometers , you will find basolt stone which is a source of silicon and magnesium( one kinds of iron acrik). If you dig further, you will find a lots of iron. Zine, silver,bronze. Led, mercury,. Basically the center of world are fully consist of theses metal’s akric. Mention that, sometimes there are availability of the mentioned acriks of metals in the ocean and sea beds. Now we have to develop a proper channels means cost effective channels to collect the mentioned metals and bring its to the upper ground on the earth for further uses for different purposes. I also believe that a huge areas are available not yet surveyed in the sea and ocean bed. There are a great chance to find out gas,oil, uranium, zine, silver,gold, black gold acriks, led, tin, etc metal acriks. Don’t forget that the grafin is collected from the led. At yet, the led is the only sources of grafin.

  23. Kazi masudur rahaman

    The people on earth are very busy on their relatived activities right now. But it is good for you if you know more except your related subjects. Such as if you have to deliver a speeches to some people about the book of ” three questions” by the Leo tolstroy. Question one is who is the most important person to you. Answer is , it is you. Two is , what is the most important time to you. Answer is , right now/present time. Three is, what is the most important work to you. Answer is, present work. And give a short brief about this great book that will help you to catch their attention. And gradually you you will be honorable, respectful, acceptable than another. You will take a good position in the society. A wise man is respected by the another people in every where and every time. In where a wise man is not respected, there are not born any wise man. Human time is limited. So you have not to much time to read a lots of books from fast to last. It is also often imposible to memorise all of these information in the books. So easily you can memorise the short summary of a book and can use it properly when it is needed. It is highly needed for that person who are in managerial position. So which books are essential to read. Remember that not all books, that can mislead to you sometimes. Must be best seller, Nobel or any other prizes owned and nominated and recommended the the wise people.

  24. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Right now the people are so busy on their related activities. Anybody cannot like to give more times to read/know except their related subjects. But every things on the earth are directly or indirectly related. So if you want to take a proper decision on a matter, for that it is good for you to know the related matter about the decisive matter.such as you want to buy a device from the market. If you are a rational buyer you have to know the comparative prices, components, spares, installation, inputs,outputs, estimated life, residual value,operation, warrant,guaranty, origin country, sources of power, utilization, repairing,hygienic etc. If you have the proper knowledge about the mentioned subjects then you will be a rational buyer or consumer. So try to take decision to gather related information about the decisive matter.

  25. Kazi masudur rahaman

    There are many physically inactive people available in our society. Without producing somethings they are burden on our economy. Because they consume a lots of productions (which is the parts of GDP)without producing somethings. At a last of a financial year, we find that the GDP is not desired position. Suppose that a active man consume one kilo foods in a days. That’s means one kilo will be deducted from the GDP at the last of financial year. By consuming one kilo,he produces some goods or services directly or indirectly which will be added to the GDP at the last of a financial year. It is wise to consious about how much a person consumes and how much he/she produces. Basically the balance is the sign of development of a persons. In other words, when At a last of a financial year, deduct the total consumption from the GDP, remaining balance will be the actual development of a nation. This balance will be the equal of the balance of the total personal development. Actually our living standard will be depended what we produce and sell thouse to the others on the basis of money that is used to consume and saving purposes for the future which is formulated capitals. Now the question is why a man is inactive must be some causes behind this. It is the responsibilities for all the people to remove his inability and help him to produce some goods or services which will be added to the GDP at the last of a financial year. We have to always try to enhance the GDP for ours developments. Individuals developments are not considerable for our standard living within a country. Integrity of individuals developments are considerable. Such as you have luxurious vehicles but the infrastructures are not good/ you have sufficient machinery but the power providing system is not sufficient/ when you are in serious illness, not enough time in hand to send you to a distance places for treatment though enough supports are possessing. So integrity of personal development means GDP condition is considerable for better pleases. So it is necessary to think about them how they contribute somethings to the GDP that will brings a lots of comforts and happiness for ours lifes. He /she also contributes somethings especial to build up the human civilization. So it is necessary to help them to produce somethings nor they consume some goods or services which will be deducted from GDP. That is the sing of undevelopment.

  26. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Maxium infectious bacteria go into body through daily foods, drinking water and air. It is difficult to wash hands before taking foods and also so difficult to manage pure/fresh water specially for the people of developing country. We can use spoons to take foods and use the top of fingers to take fish or meat or whatever it is needed. For this the possibility of infections rate will be lower than the taking of foods with free hands. Deep tuboil water is congenial for health and will be fresh for 8 to 12 hours and its contain less colliform germs. So we can take it as a pure water. We can pour it into a jar and send it to the user for uses on a man driven vehicle with very cheap expenses that will safe us from many harmful bacteria. Thus we can free from many infectious diseases. By using properly make of musk with clothes or artificial fibre for protecting the virus of infections. It’s a boring /disgusting matter to wash the clothes daily. Many people has no ability to use a washing machine, it also consume electricity. Easily we can manage, put some deterge/power of soap into a pot /jar to defoam with the hands then put the dresses/ clothes for few minutes. In this time maximum germs will be vanished and detergent will absorb maximum dirt from the clothes. After that you can wash with water without rubbing. These clothes will protect you from skin disease. Wash your body with proper soap once or twice in a week and a fresh birth(enhance the immune system) with fresh water of normal temperature that provide the power to body to protect the infectious any group of one called organism/infectious diseases/germs.

  27. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Songs are the food of heart but not all songs such as cultures are essentials for society but not all cultures.

  28. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Everybody can see a uranium atom on the earth if ones try but how many can calculate the powers in it if it is converted by using the equations of E=MC*2.

  29. Kazi masudur rahaman

    When one talk through a special device that create sounds which go to upper sphere within very short time and stay there . A detector in satellite catch the sounds of talk ( radio frequencies) and send it again to the earth to a special device (radio). Then the frequencies converted into talk again and we hear the talk. That proves sound is one kind of power nobody can destroy the power can convert only. Our talks are sounds so it is one kind of also power, nobody can destroy, it also go to the upper sphere and stay there for ever in scattered form. All of our ancestor wise and noted men’s talks went to the upper sphere and stayed there in scattered form. One day all of their talks will be detected. For that we have to invent a special devices and system. I think that this days are not so far. Already it is invented that wearing a special belt arounding the head if you think that a switch of any thing( light /fan) at a distance place on or off than the switch will be on or off need not to physical touch or any remote. This system is perform on the basis of thinking. Thus shows that thinking is a one kinds of power so nobody can destroyed, can converted only. So think more and more, your thinking can’t be destroyed, can be converted only. One day it will be converted into fact. The modern devices are not invented in a few days efforts, it must be taken many days efforts and thinking. So the modern devices’ thinking was started many days ago may be when our ancestors tried to think to see the nature and want to be like that or to know the causes in a natural thing. Such as to see the bird want to fly as a bird or want to know how the bird fly. Or to see the water wanted to make the water then he tried to know how the water was created. As a results mordan scientist learned the knowledge from them and able to invent. So the modern devices ( radio, Tv, car, plane etc ) thinking were started many days ago. And many days latter it is in fact in mordan form. Some Ancient people knew(thought) that the tide was happened on the earth between the relationship of the sun and the moon. After many days latter it is invented by the pioneer of modern physicist sir Newton.I have seen a documentary telicasted by the BBC that many mordan devices’ previous /basic versions were invented by the Chinese people first. So the thinking of mordan devices were started many days ago. This prove that thinking is a one kind of power nobody can ruined it can converted only. Its a occult science not a pure science means not proved within a certain condition at yet. So one days means many days latter , your thinking will be in fact because thinking is a one kinds of power. Nobody can ruin your thinking on the earth, can converted only. So try to think more and more obviously positive thinking. It also good for you and society both if you write down all of your thinking in written form. Don’t forget the vinchi’s imagination or jurl vern novels. I think one day, the isimove’s thinking or the novel of time travelling will be in fact not so far this days. Already it is partly proved by the great physicist and cosmologist sir Stephen w.howking that if human live in the space their life ( may be size also) will be longer than the earth means the taller man of gulliver travellers. If man start to live in moon or space, their size will be changed ( long or short) due to atmospheric condition( less or strong gravity forces and weighty or weightless condition). So think more and more and write down for further inventions and nations obviously positive thinking means constructive thinking. That will bring lots of comforts and happy ness on the earth for mankind. Obviously it is the asking for us to every one on the earth.

  30. Kazi masudur rahaman

    A newly married wife goes to shop to buy a gift for her husband’s upcoming birth day. She says to the shopkeeper to show me something suitable as a birth day gifts. The keeper shows many things to the lady, but the lady refuses to buy by saying that all of things are possessed by her husband. At last the keeper shows her a book and requests her to buy. The lady replys that he has also a book. It is not only a short story but also the present scenario of our world. If the conditions are running what will occurre in the upcoming world.

  31. Kazi masudur rahaman

    You have to weight yourself daily or a few days after basis to measure your sleep or rest is sound or not. If your weight is a few KG less than the fixed/constant weight that means your sleep ( night sleep) or rest is not sound or full/ complete. If it is higher ( a few kilo ) than the present fix weight that means you have over sleep or rest.

  32. Kazi masudur rahaman

    After a long observations then analysis, i presume that when someone free from business he/she ultimately involves into imagination about something (maximumtime unconstructive imaginations). In that time, if a book/daily paper/magazine or any other interesting reading materials are available near to someone then he/she want to stop the imaginations and try to read such materials. I have observed that many people have this habits especially students. So it is an urgent necessary to make the availability of interesting reading materials always near to the students. Because todays students are the future leader or bigger contributor to the GDP. A lots of books in the public library in our society are idle year after year. How many persons go there to read. Many persons have a personal library or some books in personal collections, these are also remain idle year after years. After reading once these will be totally idle year after years. In other hand, a daily news paper or tv news are observed by you many times in a day. Because these are always stay near to you. If these stay far/ distance places from you. You wouldn’t like to go there to read or hear daily. If we can collect these idle books as a donation basis or any other way from people or reprint of old intellectual/ interesting books with cheap costs, pour these books into a small box containing ten to twenty books in each box and send it to the students reading room or near places to a student that will be the representative of public library as a mini library. When the student get time just open the box and start reading after finishing the reading, he/she pour the book again into the box. After finishing all of these books, the mini library will be transferred to another new reader or the owner will give to anotherone to read after his reading. Or one can make a almirah ,by arranging the box one after another as like a shelf. For this we have to design a new box by caring that it will be cheap,durable , light to replace easily and easily make a shelf like by arranging one after another. Automatically this system will bring a revolutionary changes in our society. I think that this is a better idea than helping to a students/ man by giving some money or any other aids. I already mentioned that todays students will be the future leader or bigger contributors to the GDP. You have to think that the mobile/ any other electrical devices are not user friendly at yet/right now. Many days will be needed to make it user friendly. In this time we have to think to implement the mentioned idea for the better uses the mean time.

  33. Kazi masudur rahaman

    Many people are habituated to read the daily news paper to many times in a day even a simple man on the earth. They feel boring without reading a daily news paper. This is a habit. By depending on this habits, a plan can be planned to enhance the storage of knowledge which will be very helpful to make a decision appropriately on the planet. For this you have to collect all of the important and interesting also educative and intellectual articles from the daily news papers(all) published in a week and place all of these articles in a magazine which will be printed weekly basis and sell to the readers for profits or nonprofits basis. This will be a very interesting magazine because many kinds of interesting diversified articles will be placed in here. Don’t forget that in every morning you face two astonishing things on the earth one is the sun and other is the daily news paper.

  34. Kazi masudur rahaman

    I had read a article before few years ago here I’m trying to give the imaginative summary. One day man could not break the matters. Slowly they able to know atoms, particles, newton,protons,mession,quack, anti newton protons and electrons etc. But at yet man can’t determine firmly that which is the fundamental/basic particle where from all particles are created.i think that higs discoveries are not all its a step only go towards at the top near to the basic/ fundamental particle. The einestine proved that when a particle’s temperatures goes down -273 selsious then we found new particles. We can find many places in the space are oftenly available where from all particles are originated. Right now we know that near 120 fundamental particles are available on the earth. All things are formulated by the mingle of these particles different is the arrangement or settings of these particles. Suppose one H one C and one S particles are organised the large particle of lemon. All of these large particles are organized a complete lemone. In this same, one H one C and S particles are organized the large particle of orange, and all of these large particles are formulated a complete orange. So the question is that how the same particles are created two different things like orange and lemon when their size, colour, taste, composition are different. Differences are their arrangements/ settings/placement of their particles. So the super computer and robot(robotic plan) will be at the top of its level then they will be able to rearrange the settings of orange/ lemon’s particles. Thus we will find the new Fruits. At yet it is truly difficult to arrange the particles(artificially) in large volume. So atomic physics will be the guide in the future world.

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