Scribd Updates: App Features and Improvements

Hey Scribd readers – we’ve just updated our mobile app for iOS and Android devices!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.53.23 PM

This update includes several new features along with a few important fixes. Some highlights are:

  • Text selection: copy, paste, save, or share any quote from a book.
  • Searching within a book for any word.
  • Brightness control from within the app.
  • Built in dictionary: define any word (iOS only).
  • Improved power save: your device will now enter sleep mode after 10 minutes of idle time.


We’re constantly working to create the best reading experience possible. If you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear it – please comment below.


  1. Felipe Adan Lerma

    Just a head’s up, I had tried to reach a dictionary definition of some random words, and nothing came up. So, as is my bent :-) I looked around the screen and on the bottom left it has “Manage” and bottom right “Search Web” –

    The latter seemed self evident, so I touched “Manage” and got quite an impressive list of multiple language dictionaries,including American and British English. Clicking on the little cloud icon with a down pointing arrow, they twirled and circled like my other app updates on my iPhone, re-highlighted a random work (joke) and wallah! definitions!

    Plus (yes there’s more!) when I’d installed the second dictionary, now when I highlight “joke” I get two dictionary choices, one American and one English, and can choose which to view.

    Nice. Yes, very nice, thank you much! :-)

  2. Mary Fisher

    I feel a little stupid, but what does IOS mean? Also, there is a glitch in my updated app. A text window asks me if I want to sync with another device, although I haven’t been on another device or site. Then it will not go away no matter what I click on. Yesterday, I got it to go away by hitting my Kindle back arrow repeatedly. Today, that didn’t work, so I exited the app.

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