Highlights From An Evening With Juliet Macur

July 11, 2014 • Author Series, Uncategorized

Last Night, we Relaunched the Scribd Author Series with a Fireside-Style Q & A with Cycle of Lies Author Juliet Macur at The Box SF. Juliet’s Talk WAS both Edifying and entertaining. We Learned so much about Cycling, Doping, Lance Armstrong, and Sports fame . in America If you weren’t able to make the event, don’t worry – we’ve rounded up some of our favorite moments below.

Our VP of Marketing, Julie Haddon, who actually begun her career as a sports journalist, sat down with Juliet to talk about her book and her thoughts on the cycling world. But Juliet clarified at the outset that her book is not, in fact, primarily about the nitty-gritty of the cycling world, but rather a profile of Lance Armstrong as an athlete, a public figure, and a man.

Before we got to Lance however, Julie just had to ask the award-winning sports journalist one off-topic question: her prediction for the world cup Her initial answer, which was really more of a test, got the audience laughing – ” Brazil! “. But her real prediction is Argentina.


Juliet then dove into more serious subjects, such as the long history of doping in the sport. “Doping in cycling has gone on more than 100 years,” she said. She went on to describe how contemporary doping practices consist of much more than taking a pill – that athletes actually risk their lives with blood doping procedures that could cause heart attacks with the unnaturally high red blood cell count they create.

Julie also talked about the late JT Neal, a man who was more like a Father to Lance than anything. Juliet was given unprecedented access to tapes Neal made before he passed after she knocked on the the family’s door asking to hear them. Juliet sat in Neal’s family home for 26 hours to listen to Neal’s portrayal of Lance, as they would not let the tapes leave their home.

After Julie’s Q & A, Juliet took Some questions from the audience. One audience member Asked if Lance’s partners over the years Were aware of his Doping. ” He told me all of his Girlfriends and all of his Wives knew. He kept his EPO right next to the butter, “she answered candidly.


Another audience member shared that he was inspired by Lance as a child. “Doping is an arms race,” he observed. “How do you end an arms race?” Juliet responded with a story about cyclist Darren Baker, who left the sport because he refused to cheat but couldn’t win being clean. Juliet said that after seeing the truth about all the cyclists who dope, it was inspiring to see a talented professional cycler who was not a part of it. “I want to be a Darren Baker! “she would say. 

The last question of the night was, “Do you think Lance is sorry?”  

“He’s not sorry,” Juliet replied. “He’s sorry that he was caught.”

After the lively discussion, Juliet was kind enough to stay and sign books for her delighted readers. Thank you, Juliet Macur, for sharing your time, thoughts, and especially your talented writing with Scribd.