A Message From Our CEO

August 21, 2015 • Announcements


Our vision at Scribd has always been to build a destination where readers can discover their next great read for a small monthly fee. Every step we’ve taken over the years – introducing new publishers, titles, verticals, and features – has been a step towards that goal, and towards improving your reading experience.

Today, we’re letting you know that we’re going to be transitioning our audiobook service to a credit–based system. Starting on September 20, you will receive one audiobook credit as part of your monthly subscription to use toward any title in Scribd’s audiobook catalog.

What does this actually mean for listeners?

  • Your monthly subscription price of $8.99 will stay the same.
  • Nothing will change for the next 30 days – the unlimited audiobooks library will remain as-is during this time.
  • After that 30 days, we’ll be offering a rotating catalog of thousands of audiobooks for unlimited listening. These are being made available through special arrangements with publishing partners. We’ll be working on more deals like this, so the selection will be updated monthly with new titles. Check back often!
  • For audiobooks outside of that unlimited catalog, simply use the audiobook credit you receive at the start of each billing cycle.
  • You will have the option to purchase additional audiobook credits for $8.99.
  • And, of course, you’ll still have more than one million ebooks and comics at your fingertips!

This change will not only allow us to continue to grow our audiobook catalog in a sustainable way, but will also allow us to focus on even more content deals and offerings we know you’ll love.

We want to thank you for making Scribd all that it is today, and we look forward to helping you find your next great read.

If you have any questions, check out the Credits FAQ here, or drop us a line at help@scribd.com.

— Trip