Updates to Your Membership

February 16, 2016 • Announcements

Thank you for being a part of the Scribd community. We are making some changes to the way our service works, and we wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Starting mid-March, your membership will include:

  • Monthly Reads: three books and one audiobook of your choice from Scribd’s library of bestsellers and award winners. Monthly Reads will renew every month for both monthly and annual subscribers. 
  • Scribd Selects: a rotating collection of books and audiobooks handpicked by our editors, to which you will have unlimited access
  • Substantial previews of any book or audiobook
  • Unlimited access to sheet music and documents

More details:

  • A substantial selection of our books and comics – more than 150,000 titles – will remain unlimited!
  • Any book that has already been read and is in your library will remain in your library. You will not need to use a Monthly Read to enjoy it again.
  • Audiobooks aren’t changing at all. Before this update members were able to listen to one audiobook a month, and that fact will remain true moving forward.

We’ve worked hard to strike the right balance between providing our members with high-quality books and achieving long-term sustainability. Based on our member’s reading habits, we predict that these changes will affect only 3% of our members. We want you to know that we’re continuing to explore additional membership options for all types of readers.

We welcome your comments, ideas and questions. Thank you again for being a part of our story.

For more information, please visit our FAQ.