What’s New With Scribd

June 23, 2016 • App Updates

At Scribd, we want to change the way the world reads. That’s why we’re constantly working to provide the best reading experience possible.

We recently made several major updates to Scribd to improve your reading experience. Here are a few of the major improvements we’ve made in the latest updates to iOS and Android.

Scribd Reader Improvements

Reading Progress
We’ve improved the way your reading progress is synced on all of your devices. This means you can start reading a book on your phone during your morning commute, continue on your computer during your lunch break, and finish on your tablet at night. The app will seamlessly remember where you left off and automatically launch your content at the appropriate progression.

Better Navigation with Breadcrumbs
The progress bar in the reader has also been improved. The progress bar now remembers where you started when you jump around in a book, which means you can easily find your original point of origin after jumping ahead.

Updated Themes for the Reader Interface
We now support a wide range of color schemes for book readers. If you like to read black on white, white on black, or in more eye-friendly low contrast modes like sepia or gray on gray, Scribd has got you covered. We also tint the user interface in your chosen color scheme to make it blend in better and help you stay immersed in the reading experience.

New Oxford American Dictionary for Android
Our readers on iOS have always had the option to look up words in Apple’s built-in dictionary. Android, sadly had no such feature. We set out to find a solution. That’s why we recently partnered with Oxford University Press to bring the New Oxford American Dictionary to all Android devices.

When you select a word, the app will prompt you to download the dictionary file. Afterwards, definitions will show up instantly in a little card on the bottom of your screen. You can tap on the card to see a full definition with more definitions, examples, and word origins. So whenever you are bewildered by a sesquipedalian word, select it and look it up in our brand new dictionary.