Scribd Acquires Oximity to Streamline Content Publishing and Distribution

November 14, 2016 • Announcements, Featured


We’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired Oximity, an emerging content publishing platform that developed technology to help content creators and organizations easily publish and distribute high-quality content. Its proprietary social media distribution algorithms help content creators find new audiences. This asset acquisition will enable Scribd to expand the tools it can offer publishers, allowing us to bring even more quality content to readers.

In just over two years, Oximity built a collection of almost one million articles, contributed by 1,000 global organizations such as Global Voices and WITNESS, and drove almost 10 million visits at its peak to this content. In addition, Oximity attracted 1.2 million registered users to its platform. Scribd will leverage Oximity’s technology to automate the content uploading and categorization process for new and existing content partners while also extending the reach of that content via social channels.

Scribd’s goal is to be the premier destination for reading, connecting readers with the content that matters to them. Scribd members receive monthly access to more than one million books and audiobooks from leading publishers as well as articles from premier magazines including Bloomberg Businessweek, TIME, Entrepreneur, and more. Currently, Scribd’s library features more than 85 million documents uploaded by individuals and organizations ranging from non-profits to research institutions to government agencies and media outlets.

“The asset acquisition of Oximity enables us to be a better partner with content providers by helping them seamlessly contribute materials to Scribd,” said Trip Adler, Scribd Co-founder & CEO. “Just as importantly, this means that our members will have access to even more of the content that interests them.”

Sanjay Goel, CEO and Co-Founder at Oximity, added: “We look forward to helping existing Oximity and Scribd publishing partners, as well as new organizations and content publishers, expand their reach and relevance by tapping into Scribd’s massive global audience of over 175 million visits across the web and mobile apps.”

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