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Now On Scribd: Graphic Novels from NBM

We're thrilled to offer a selection of over 30 graphic novels from renowned publisher NBM, featuring some of the best comics work from Europe and North America. Whether you're into art, fashion, folklore, or bloody murder, there's something here for every discerning reader. Pour a glass of French wine or a cup of jasmine tea and peruse one of these collections.
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Reading Around the World

ReadingAroundtheWorld (1)
A few weeks ago, we asked our team of data nerds about reading activity around the world. We were pretty excited by what they came up, so we made it into a nice picture to share with you all. Enjoy!
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2014: A Year in Review


It’s a big time around our office as we mark one year since launching our book subscription service. But we’re not just celebrating our year. Scribd wouldn’t be anything without you, dear readers. And frankly, you all have blown us away. Read more

Scribd Reader Spotlight: Mother’s Day

Scribd mom readers

Clockwise from top right: Cherye E., Versana P., Dorothy Z., Cherye E.’s motto, Theresa J.

This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate all of our Scribd readers who are mothers and all the mothers who are readers. So we asked four of our Scribd moms to share what they’re reading, why they love to read, and what they’re doing this Mother’s Day. Read more

Scribd Author Series Presents: The Write on Mamas

Write on Mamas scribd promo party

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re welcoming the Bay Area writing group, Write on Mamas, to Scribd. We’ll have 6 writers in our office. They’ll be here talking about how writing informs their parenting and how parenting informs their writing.

Fans and members of the San Francisco reading and writing community are invited to join us for a free, intimate event with these writers. Read more

Trick or Read: Scribd Suggests Some Halloween Reading

theexorcistFinally! Halloween is just one day away, meaning lots of candy, pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, and probably a lot of people dressed up like Miley Cyrus.

But no Halloween would be complete without reading a few haunting tales, so the spookologists on Scribd’s Editorial Staff a put together a collection of stories so spine-chilling you’ll be sleeping with the lights on well into November. Read more

Scribd Interview: Author Hyla Molander

Earlier this week, we shared the story of longtime Scribd author, Hyla Molander’s journey to market and publish a book using Kickstarter.

Today, we present an interview with her that goes into her background using Scribd, thoughts on self-publishing and the extremely personal story that is the foundation of her forthcoming memoir, Drop Dead Life. Read more

Author Taps Kickstarter, Scribd to Promote Book

A preview of the cover of Hyla Molander's upcoming book; "Drop Dead Life."

A preview of the cover of Hyla Molander’s upcoming book; “Drop Dead Life.”

For the past few years — almost since the beginning, author and writer Hyla Molander has been utilizing the features and power of Scribd.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the often difficult and tumultuous world of digital publishing. Read more

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Rulings on Scribd

The party began shortly after today's landmark Supreme Court rulings and soon, revelers were taking to the streets in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. [Photo Credit: Lacy Atkins, The Chronicle]

Today, mere blocks away from Scribd headquarters, the celebration was already beginning in the shadows of the beautifully gilded San Francisco City Hall.

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down two landmark rulings with major implications in the fight for equality among same-sex couples. Read more