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Scribd Reader Spotlight: Mother’s Day

Scribd mom readers

Clockwise from top right: Cherye E., Versana P., Dorothy Z., Cherye E.’s motto, Theresa J.

This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate all of our Scribd readers who are mothers and all the mothers who are readers. So we asked four of our Scribd moms to share what they’re reading, why they love to read, and what they’re doing this Mother’s Day. Read more

Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Rulings on Scribd

The party began shortly after today's landmark Supreme Court rulings and soon, revelers were taking to the streets in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. [Photo Credit: Lacy Atkins, The Chronicle]

Today, mere blocks away from Scribd headquarters, the celebration was already beginning in the shadows of the beautifully gilded San Francisco City Hall.

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down two landmark rulings with major implications in the fight for equality among same-sex couples. Read more

Honoring & Remembering the D-Day Anniversary

It’s one of the most penultimate moments in American military history.

Never in history had two major military factions – the American and British, combined for such a massive mission. It was the largest full-scale amphibious assault in history comprised of aerial, nautical and land support. Read more

Resources After Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 11.38.11 AM

Yesterday, the nation watched in horror as a 2-mile-wide tornado struck the city of Moore, a major metropolitan area just outside of Oklahoma City, Okla.

Various covers depict this morning's headlines related to the deadly twister that destroyed much of Moore, Okla.

Various covers depict this morning’s headlines related to the deadly twister that destroyed much of Moore, Okla.

Read more

Exploring Chicago’s Coast

There are a tremendous amount of ways that our publishers and users utilize Scribd. Today, WBEZ Chicago featured a series of historic maps for an interactive story.

WBEZ’s Curious City sets out to answer questions raised by listeners about the Chicagoland region. Read more

For The Creative ‘Common Good’

Starting last week, Creative Commons has been celebrating their tenth anniversary. The Creative Commons is an organization based in Mountain View, California. They have released several copyright licenses aimed at allowing readers to legally modify and share.

As they continue to honor their existence and success, they will spend the entire week featuring platforms that are exemplary of showcasing content under the breadth of their Creative Commons licenses. Read more

Newfound Acceptance

F. Scott Fitzgerald originally submitted a short story to The New Yorker in 1936 that was eventually rejected. The editorial staff found the story to be “altogether out of the question,” adding, “It seems to us so curious and so unlike the kind of thing we associate with him.” The rejected story was filed away and long but forgotten. Read more

Giving Thanks

On behalf of the staff here at Scribd, we want to extend all of you warm wishes to a most wonderful Thanksgiving. It is for this special occasion that we’ve curated some of the best documents, publications and recipes about the annual holiday feast…

Enjoy! Read more

The Allure Of Grain Trucks

The allure of grain trucks – A rural expatriate’s struggle to reconcile family, home, love, and faith with the silence of the prairie land and its people Melanie Hoffert longs for her North Dakota childhood home, with its grain trucks and empty main streets. Read more