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We’ve reimagined the way you discover books on Scribd

We all love the feeling you get browsing a neighborhood bookstore: the beautifully arranged front table, the handpicked staff recommendations, the special interest shelves that introduce you to writers and books you'd never have found otherwise. We wanted to bring some of that joy and serendipity to Scribd, so for the last four months, we've been reimagining and redesigning how our subscribers discover books. Today, we're excited to announce that our all-new browse experience is live.
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Introducing Scribd 3.0 for iPad & iPhone

We’re incredibly excited to announce the release of Scribd 3.0 – currently available on iPad and iPhone.

Scribd has always helped connect authors, publishers and readers to a massive library of engaging content. While our website has remained a hub for these books, documents and publications, today’s update features a redesign that places the emphasis on better mobile browsing, content discovery and reading.

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Introducing Reading Progress

Scribd has built the world’s largest digital library, right at your fingertips. Whether on the desktop, phone or tablet, Scribd offers millions of books, magazines, research papers, scientific reports, legal documents, among others, to read and enjoy.

Today, we’re excited to announce the ability to sync your reading progress on any publication across all of our platforms. Read more

Introducing: My Content

Yesterday evening we told you about the introduction of our new Profile pages. Today, we want to walk you through ‘My Content” which provides publishers and users a place to manage all of their published documents, collections, readcasts, and saved documents. Read more

Scribd’s New Profile Pages

Today we released a new version of Profile pages on Scribd. The new design is a result of strategic thinking about how to best allow publishers and readers alike to highlight specific content.

Spotlight on Content

We have introduced multiple content modules where members can surface documents and collections they would like people to see first. Read more

Bringing You Effortless Sharing With Auto-Readcast

We’re happy to announce Scribd’s integration with Facebook Open Graph, which allows you to automatically share or ‘Auto-Readcast’ to Facebook documents you read on Scribd.

What To Expect:

Before, frictionless sharing to Facebook wasn’t ideal because events would be published to all your friends’ news feeds. Read more

Attention: Beta Testers Wanted

We are working on a new publishing tool and looking to enroll a limited group of Scribd users for beta testing to gather feedback on usability, and gain insight from our valued users.

If you’re interested in enrolling to help test drive this tool, please fill out this form and we will send you instructions and a link to the new upload tool page. Read more

Save The Best For Later

We’re releasing a new feature that allows our readers to save content to read at a later time, across different platforms.

When you encounter an interesting document on Scribd, or your mobile device that you wish to read or reference later, you can do so by simply clicking “Save for later. Read more

Revamped Readcast

Sharing what you read on Scribd just became a whole lot easier.

This week we gave a new polished look and feel to “Readcast” – Scribd’s very own way to allow you to broadcast the interesting documents you publish and read to your Scribd network. Read more

Scribd Content Categories

As our redesigned homepage continues to evolve, we have made it easier to discover the various types of documents, publishers and collections featured on our homepage.

Today, we launched category pages for our publications across a number of content verticals from food to science. Read more