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Celebrating the 2015 PEN Literary Awards on Scribd

Honoring literary excellence across many genres, the PEN Literary Awards are some of the biggest prizes an American writer can aspire to. This year's longlist has just been announced, and we're proud to feature many of the nominees on Scribd. Check out our handy collection or scroll on to peruse the nominees by award.
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Now on Scribd: Unlimited Romance from Harlequin

Our library just got a little (okay, maybe a lot) steamier. We’ve just added more than 15,000 titles from Harlequin, one of the world’s leading publishers of books for women, to our library of more than half a million books. Now, you can spend your evening (or any time of day, really) with bestsellers from Debbie Macomber, Robyn Carr, Susan Wiggs, Heather Graham, and Shannon Stacey, all available by subscription exclusively on Scribd.
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What’s New on Scribd This Month

This month our subscription service sprites are happy to announce new partnerships with quite a few fantastic publishers, and we’re excited to showcase some of the great new titles we’re bringing to our app and site. Here’s just a sampling of some of the new titles you’ll discover while browsing our virtual shelves:
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The Man Who Gave Computers a Human Face

When we heard the rumors that Apple will not be launching the promised super-sized iPhone 6 this fall, we took a moment to reflect on the legacy of Steve Jobs, Apple's legendary founder. As the company struggles to maintain its edge over competitors like Samsung and Google, we thought of Walter Isaacson's masterful biography of Jobs, and the way Jobs' presence (or lack thereof) continues to shape the way we interact with technology.
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We Are Young: Summer YA Reading


Whether you're a young adult, or simply young-at-heart, nothing makes for a better summer read than a Young Adult novel. It's easy to become obsessed, and who hasn't been guilty of binge reading a good YA series over a long weekend? We have thousands of Young Adult titles on Scribd - enough to keep you reading all summer! From Stephen Chbosky's all-too-relatable high school setting to Lauren Oliver's anti-love dystopia, these books are your ticket to the perfect summer escape. Check out what our team members had to say about these YA favorites.
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Summer Sports Reading with Juliet Macur


When we started looking for summer sports reading recommendations, we went straight to Juliet Macur, New York Times sports journalist and author of the searing portrayal of Lance Armstrong, Cycle of Lies. Since we’re such fans of her work, we asked for a reading list as well as some insights into what she thinks makes truly great sports journalism. Read more

Summer Romance with Maya Rodale


Welcome to the first installment of Scribd’s new Guest Curator series! And what better way to kick off summer than with a collection of entertaining (and steamy!) romance novels?

We asked one of our favorite Romance authors, Maya Rodale, to curate a list of her favorite summery romantic reads.  Read more

Scribd + Connu: a Literary Match Made In Heaven


Today, we have an exciting new partnership to announce. We’ve teamed up with Connu, the literary app & website dreamed up by editorial mavens Susannah Luthi and Niree Noel. The two collaborated on the Southern California Review, and jointly lamented the difficulty in discovering new talent in a world over-saturated with digital content where the idea of the best talent naturally rising to the top seemed to be growing more and more impossible. Read more