Scribd Vs. Those Other Subscriptions


“Can’t beat this subscription. It costs less than Audible and it offers books and more in addition to audiobooks.” - Daniel

If you’ve ever read a book on your phone, or listened to an audiobook during your morning commute, or even scrolled through the latest news while waiting in line for a cup of coffee, then you know how convenient e-reading can be, and that’s doubly true when you take advantage of a digital reading subscription.

But it raises the question: Which subscription is right for you?

While there are several reading options — like Audible or Kindle Unlimited — that offer digital access to either books or audiobooks, there’s only one that brings you unlimited* access to both, plus magazines, sheet music, documents, and more — and that’s Scribd.

What’s with that pesky asterisk?

The grand majority of our readers experience a truly unlimited subscription, though some readers may occasionally experience a temporary reduction in the titles that are available to them. That’s because we want to make sure every author and publisher is paid fairly for their work, and to do that we make deals with each author and publisher that best suits their needs. It’s the best way to ensure that the quality of our content remains consistent, allowing us to offer better reads for better prices.

Scribd brings you the best of the written word and, when compared with other services, is an unbeatable combination of selection, value, and quality.

The Selection

“With Scribd I pay one monthly fee (less than the cost of a book) and I can read or listen to audiobooks. Other subscriptions like Audible are too expensive.” - Joan

Scribd is the only subscription that brings you more than a million of the best books and audiobooks, including titles from all Big Five publishers: Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster.

While other services offer book or audiobook content, Scribd is the only service to bring you both books and audiobooks. Not only that, but your subscription gives you access to sheet music, magazines, documents, and exclusive original content.

The Value

“The fact that I could have access to all the greatest minds, mysteries, and stories for $8.99 a month was (and still is) crazy to me.” - Business Insider

Not only does Scribd bring you the best of the written word, but it also gives you more value when compared with other services. We work tirelessly with publishers and authors to bring you the best reading experience possible at an unbeatable price.

The Quality

“It’s a book lover's dream!” - Becky

Our goal is to change the way the world reads, and to do that, we have to make reading as easy and delightful as possible. We’re creating a quality reading experience, which is how our subscription gives you the ability to read more books than you ever thought possible.

“The audiobooks alone justify a Scribd account.” - Fast Company

We’re proud to offer readers just like you better selection, better value, and better quality than our competitors. While you might be tempted by services like Kindle Unlimited or Audible, if you’re a reader, there’s no better way to read than with a Scribd subscription.

“I found this Scribd after I subscribed to Audible and was trying to find a better option. They really have it all, can't ask for more.” - Harry

David Pemberton