What People Are Uploading

Scribd has gotten almost every kind of document imaginable. While everything is PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenOffice, or some other document format, there is such a variety of content that it’s hard to summarize it all in a quick list. We would like to quickly point out some of the cool content that people have uploaded.

A lot of people have published interesting essays and other pieces of writing, such as the collection of essays published by Builder. Many people also use Scribd as an alternative to a blog – at Scribd there is no pressure to maintain and promote your writing. Some use Scribd to promote their blog by publishing just a few of their best entries. There is a great essay on how to gain traffic using Scribd published by Jad.

There have been a lot of creative works on Scribd. For example, M uploaded a bunch of original poems, Geopollock published his novel State Kid, and Marilyn published a children's book that she wrote.

School work has also been common on Scribd. This is a great contribution because most students around the world generally study the same subjects and it makes sense for them to share notes. One user in particular, Brianru, uploaded over a hundred documents of useful school notes.

In addition to school work there have been a lot of academic papers. Scribd seems to be a great place to publish these as most academic journals not only charge for submissions of research but also charge for access to these articles. Scribd lets you host and share these documents for free.

Another kind of document that has been really popular is PowerPoint slideshows. Some of them, like the ones uploaded by Umairsalam, are collections of really cool photos in PowerPoint format.

There have even been a bunch of Excel Spreadsheets, like this tax calculator uploaded by Blotter.

Some people have uploaded funny entertaining documents. For example, Birdiemum uploaded some hilariously bad school work. Another funny document that we never expected to get was “play to make love to Scribd,” uploaded by Jad.

There have even been some completely random things, like this patent uploaded by Mashable and this internal information on the architecture of the iPhone by Malcolm.

Basically every kind of document imaginable has been published on Scribd and we are excited to see what kinds of new creative things people can upload. If you publish something cool and want us to blog about it, contact us at feedback@scribd.com.