More Features

Over the last few weeks Scribd has added a bunch of new features. We want to list some of them here so you can check them out.

Explore Page: Scribd now has a new tab called “Explore” that provides new ways to discover some of the cool content on Scribd. This page has a list of some of the most popular collections for easy access. It also features a tag cloud.

Top Users: This is a new page where Scribd keeps track of its top users with a system of “Scribd points.” Every user is assigned a certain number of points based on the total numbers of views their documents have gotten. This number is displayed in parenthesis next to your username. The top 100 users are displayed on the Leader Board, as well as the “Movers and Shakers,” which are constantly updated.

Slurping: This is a cool feature that makes it easier to view documents already on the Web. Say you'd like to slurp Paul Graham's book On Lisp, which is available at To do this, just go to the following URL:

Your document will be immediately slurped into Scribd and appear as a Scribd document. We hope this will make it even easier to share documents and take advantage of Scribd's conversion services.

Better ways to view documents: We now have better tools for converting complicated documents to HTML. Also, Scribd now lets users change the formats of all documents between FlashPaper and HTML so that they can view documents how they choose to.