Welcome to the Scribd Blog

Hi, folks, my name's Jason Bentley. I'm the new Community outreach guy here at Scribd, and I'd like to welcome all of you to The Scribd Blog, the new weblog by and about...drumroll please...Scribd! Now that our company and community is growing, there's an ever increasing demand for news about the site, the company, and our Community. The Scribd Blog will provide regular updates on new features, Community events, site changes, downtime, and will often showcase unique content from Scribd's incredibly creative community of users. Bog entries prior to this one have been brought over from the original blog and backdated to reflect their original publishing date.

The original blog was written by Trip, Jared, and Tikhon. They're pretty busy making Scribd the amazing site it is, so I'll be keeping down the fort here on the blog. But you can rest assured that they'll be chiming in now and then with entries of their own.