Calling All Campaigns!

My fellow Americans*, I am delighted to announce that Scribd is officially throwing our hat in the ring for the 2008 elections! No, we're not running for President. Nor Senator. Not even (heaven help us) the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. But we are issuing a call to campaigns large and small to discover the benefit of publishing campaign literature, flyers, posters, and press releases on Scribd.

For the first time, campaigns can further leverage the power of the blogs and websites that seed today's grass roots by distributing literature in Scribd's FlashPaper player, powered by Adobe. Since most browsers already support Flash through the free Adobe Flash Player, there's no need to ask voters to download special readers to view fully-formatted PDF documents embedded with a short snippet of code. Like so:

And the best part of all? Publishing your campaign literature on Scribd is free. Totally free. You pay nothing, neither in cash nor political capital. Just sign up, publish, and win your election by a landslide! Scribd is a valuable way for your candidate's message to reach the voters just as the candidate intended.

* with apologies to international members. :-)