Scribd on the iPhone

Here at Scribd, we love the iPhone. I just got mine, and...I just love it. The interface, the 'em. And moreover, now I have access to Scribd's ever-growing library of content from just about anywhere. Now I can read Scribd documents on the train, the subway, in the queue at the DMV...

"But wait," you might interject. "How can you read Scribd documents on the iPhone when it doesn't support Flash or FlashPaper?"

Well, I'm glad you, um, asked. :-) Alas, it's true that iPhone users must wait a little longer for Flash support, and that means that embedded Scribd documents aren't viewable on the device. Documents displayed as HTML will display just fine, but any view-document page set to FlashPaper by default will show up as a big white box.

This is only a minor inconveinience, however, because iPhone's Safari browser displays PDF files beautifully - and I mean beautifully - with full support for the cool features like pinch-zooming, anti-aliasing, and finger-paging that we iPhone owners are always annoying the Muggles with.

There's only a handful of documents on Scribd that aren't avaialble as a PDF, so iPhone users can simply tap the PDF icon, wait a moment, and iPhone will render the PDF in full page mode. I'm probably not supposed to say that it even looks a bit better than the embeddable player. :-)

But it just gets better. While the embeddable Flash audio player doesn't appear in Safari, simply click the mp3 icon (to the right to the plain-text icon) and if an audio recording is available, it will automatically play in the iPhone player.