New Faces, New Features

Wow, things are really starting to accelerate here at Scribd, and we've been filling out our engineering team to build out Scribd with new and advanced features.

Everybody say hi to J.R. and James, the newest additions to the team. J.R. is from Quebec, in Canada, where in the winter time it gets so cold, they speak a different language! :-) Check out his website for some cool 3D stuff!

James is from closer environs, and he'll be contributing to this blog as well as fleshing out our Facebook experience. He's a prolific blogger, and is someone who knows a thing or two about good content! You'll see him on The Scribd Blog often.

And speaking of new features...there's some exciting stuff coming just around the corner at Scribd. Our engineers have been working hard (or busting their a**es, as they might say) to bring you Scribd's biggest feature upgrade since our launch. We're currently testing now on a limited basis, but soon, everyone will be able to join, create, and enjoy ... wait for it ... Scribd Groups!

Scribd Groups takes "collections" to the next level by adding "collaboration" to the mix. Instead of just bundling docs together, you'll be able to control your group membership, open your groups to everyone, or set your groups private. You'll be able to invite your friends to participate in your group with their Scribd ID or email address, and once a member of your group, they'll be able to add new documents directly to the group as well.

We'll be rolling groups out the moment we're sure it works like it's supposed to. Though, from early tests, I'm gonna wager you'll be grouping and discussing earlier than you think.