Let's Get Physical

Heads up, science geeks! We're delighted to welcome science professor and writer Benjamin Crowell to Scribd. Dr. Crowell is the author of a fantastic series of Introductory Physics textbooks for university and advanced high school students that are all published under Creative Commons licenses. He is part of a growing movement of learned professionals that are building libraries of open textbooks that are available, in online form, to students at no cost. And all of us at Scribd want to do whatever we can to help.

Dr. Crowell's textbooks have been adopted at the University of California at Irvine, Ohlone College, Colorado State University, Michigan's Henry Ford Community College, the University of Delhi, and many other institutions. I strongly suggest adopting them yourself. :-)


Read this doc on Scribd: Newtonian Physics, by Benjamin Crowell

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Be sure to visit Dr. Crowell's website at http://lightandmatter.com for more information, some cool applets, and information on how to order bound copies and teacher's editions of his books.

Read all of Benjamin Crowell's textbooks in the Open Text Books group.