Unsupported Formats

We occasionally receive feedback from users that have trouble uploading documents in new or alternate formats such as WordPerfect .doc or docx, the new format for Microsoft Office 2007. We're working really hard to extend support to as many formats as we can, but in the meantime, just about any document is uploadable to Scribd as a PDF.

Thankfully, the days when writing PDFs required an expensive installation of Adobe Acrobat are long past. Adobe has opened the license for the PDF format, enabling small developers to develop free PDF tools for everyday users. Three free PDF writers for Windows are CutePDF, PDFCreator, and PrimoPDF - all are available at Filehippo (a great site for virus-free Windows software). All three are well implemented, but PDFCreator wins for simplicity.

The OpenOffice.org suite has full support for WordPerfect and Office formats and can export directly to PDF.

Mac OS X users needn't worry about installing third-party software, because PDF support is part of the operating system. Just about any document can be saved as, exported to, or printed as a PDF under OS X.

Support for PDF varies across Linux systems, but Ubuntu features excellent support for printing and exporting to PDF. If your Ubuntu system can't print to PDF, check out this blog entry.

Once you've saved your file as a PDF, upload to Scribd to publish your document with formatting and fonts intact!