Scribd Unveils New Instant-Conversion Features

Today we're announcing some great new features. Scribd is beginning a transition toward a new, more robust document conversion system. We will be rolling out changes in phases, and the first phase is already live.

Scribd now fully supports the following formats:

  • jpg / jpeg
  • gif
  • png
  • html
  • htm

Best of all, these formats publish instantly, with no wait time for conversion. During the first-phase roll-out, documents uploaded in these formats are viewable on Scribd, but cannot be embedded or downloaded. Full embed/download support for these formats will come in a later phase roll-out. For now, documents uploaded in previously supported formats are still converted to FlashPaper/PDF/Word documents via the usual conversion process.

We're also happy to announce the launch of ScribdWrite, a simple rich text word processor for composing your own documents directly on Scribd! ScribdWrite supports hyperlinks, paragraph formatting, fonts, colors, highlighting, and even includes a spiffy spell checker! ScribdWrite's been in beta for a while, but we got the bugs out and encourage everyone to give it a test drive at

Stay tuned to the Scribd Blog for more updates and new features!