Aggregated Stats Temporarily Disabled

We're sorry to announce that we've had to temporarily disable aggregated statistics for user accounts ("My Stats") as we prepare Scribd for major improvements ahead. Scribd is growing, and we've simply exceeded our ability to support real-time metrics on our live database in its current form. Imagine you're trying to use Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Outlook while listening to iTunes on a PC that's being subjected to a 24/7 disk drive defrag - and you'll get a sense of the level of strain I'm taking about.

Oh behalf of everyone at Scribd, I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the "My Stats" hiatus. For now, limited metrics for individual documents are still available under the "Show Analytics" tab on any View Document page. We've considered our options carefully, and we've taken this temporary step so that we can more confidently expand, upgrade, and strengthen Scribd over the next few months with as few 'hiccups' and as little downtime as possible.

Stay tuned to the Scribd Blog for further updates and announcements.