A Better Looking FlashPaper

A few of our regular users have written to point out some of the obvious flaws with FlashPaper, the technology we use to display and embed documents in web pages. One of the more common complaint is, "My document looks like crap!" Well, most documents don't look like crap...FlashPaper just thinks it does and needs to be told it doesn't. I'll explain.

But first, I think this is as good a time as any to announce that we've had to tell FlashPaper that our relationship is strong enough for Scribd to start exploring other technologies. Back in the lab, our engineers are hard at work on a new viewer that's smoother, has more and better features, and is built from scratch with the suggestions and requests of our users in mind. I'll say no more for now...

except to tell you how to improve your view of documents in the meantime. On some browsers, FlashPaper displays documents in low quality, but thinks it's displaying in high quality. For example, Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS doesn't look too good at first glance:

...of course I mean that aesthetically, not legally. :-)

If text or images looks blocky, degraded, or unclear, simply right-click on the FlashPaper surface, and select High from the Quality menu. It will already be checked, but click it again. Trust me.

Like magic, the text will appear much clearer and more readable:

It's only a band-aid, but one that'll make your experience a bit better as we perfect a better-looking Flash paper.