Thumbnails and Previews

Now there's an easier way to browse Scribd's massive library of documents - thumbnails and previews! We're going through our entire library and converting as many docs as we can to miniature thumbnails, which we display along with document listings and search results. These thumbnails make finding the right content much easier.

Of course, thumbnails aren't always effective, especially when you're dealing with lots of text. Well now, you can preview documents without having to access the View Document page. Click the Preview button to display the document in a temporary viewer!

Let's take a look at the information you'll find in a document entry:
A. Document thumbnail.
B. File type icon
C. Document title
D. Time since upload
E. Description
F. Number of pages in document
G. Preview link. Click here to view the document in a preview pane.
H. Document uploder (with avatar)
I. Number of views
J. Number of likes
K. Number of comments
L. Tags