Hey everyone! I can't tell ya how excited I am about the new My Documents page! I have a lot of docs on Scribd myself, and I've always wanted a way to see more items on one page. And now that day is here! Hollaaaa!!! :-)

Our design team - headed by James - has unveiled the first version of a new user interface that takes our own research and combines them with some of the best suggestions that we've received from you - the Scribd community! We also took a long look at the features we use every day and made them easier to access from a single location. Power users, heads up! This is what you've been waiting for.

Here's some of the great features incorporated into the new My Documents page:

  • View your document library in an easy-to-read table format in batches of 25, 50, or 100 documents
  • Sort your documents by title, upload date, number of views, or publication status
  • Perform administrative actions on up to 100 documents at a time
  • Update tags, descriptions, and titles of multiple documents in a fraction of the time
  • Change copyright licenses, privacy settings, and language settings
  • Preview documents
  • Delete documents that have failed to convert

Users with a lot of documents will find they spend a lot less time clicking and repeating tasks. And in these busy times, who can argue with that?