Gettin' Better All The Time

Wow, the Holidays are just around the corner. And while there may be less sunlight each day, our days here at Scribd are just as long as ever. We've been working behind-the-scenes to improve our services, and prepare the website for some exciting new offerings in the New Year.

Scribd headquarters is just around the corner from San Francisco's famous Union Square, so the Holiday spirit is starting to rub off a little bit. We tried waiting, but we just have to unwrap some of the stocking stuffers we've been working on.

Today, we're unveiling a new summary page that you'll see when logged in to Scribd. Instead of a large, embedded featured document, you'll now see several rows of recent documents and groups. Featured documents are now presented as an occasionally rotating list on the right side of the page.

Have a look:

Of course, the big yellow dots don't appear on the real page. Here's what you're looking at:

A. Recent documents from your friends
B. Recent documents from everyone
C. Recent featured documents
D. Newly created groups
E. Featured documents, refreshed every couple hours

Now you get more of what you're looking for on one page, without a lot of clicking around! This is just one of several improvements coming up, so put on some hot chocolate and enjoy!