The Best iPaper Tools from the Scribd Community (So Far)

The Scribd Platform makes it easy to develop tools and applications that use iPaper to easily display and share documents. We've only just launched our new platform, and already our community has come up with some awesome tools that integrate iPaper in creative ways.

We've created a gallery of the most useful and creative uses of the Scribd iPaper Platform. We've chosen three tools to kick things off:

  • iPaper plugin for WordPress by Stuart Marsh: Easily embed iPaper documents into your Wordpress blog with this plugin. Simply specify the parameters in square brackets and you're done.
  • iPaper Bookmarklet by Tony Hirst: Add a button to your toolbar that instantly converts PDF links to embedded iPaper. Many of us at Scribd use the iPaper Bookmarklet on a daily basis.
  • iPaper Greasemonkey Script by Tony Hirst: Automatically convert PDF links to iPaper links on any website, or all websites.

We'll regularly add the best new community tools, but we need to know about them first. If you create a cool new site or application that integrates iPaper, email us at contact [at] and tell us about it!

Click here to visit the iPaper community project gallery now!