Little Boxes

We've received some emails from a small number users that are having a specific problem when uploading a PDF to Scribd: certain fonts - usually Georgia, Tahoma, and Verdana - appear as small boxes, while Arial, Helvetica, and other fonts appear poorly spaced.

Read this doc on Scribd: Test 2
var scribd_doc = new scribd.Document(2234737, 'key-12skls515no7fpxke3t0'); scribd_doc.write('embedded_flash_2234737_jf3id');

We've traced one source of the problem to a particular free PDF encoder for Windows called doPDF. DoPDF performs some kind of "font optimization" that appears to strip some font information from the PDF file.

So far, doPDF is the only free Windows PDF encoder that we've tested that causes a subsequent problem in iPaper. There may still be other sources, however. We are currently working on a solution for the problem.

[UPDATE: This problem has also been observed in documents created with older versions of Adobe Acrobat.]

The following free Windows PDF encoders do not cause this problem when the PDFs are subsequently converted to iPaper:

Bear in mind most free PDF encoders, including the three I mentioned, work by installing a "print to PDF" driver. All "print to PDF" drivers removes link clickability from your document. Remember that you can always upload your original Word or OpenOffice document straight to Scribd!

Here's how the above document should look:

Read this doc on Scribd: Test 3
var scribd_doc = new scribd.Document(2234761, 'key-2c1ljhjk97zit702j4wd'); scribd_doc.write('embedded_flash_2234761_yx0e9');