Desert Dessert

According to the Wikipedia:

Desert Magazine (1937-1985) was a monthly regional publication based in Palm Desert, California near Palm Springs. Desert Magazine was founded, edited and published (1937-1958) by Randall Henderson (1888-1970). The magazine focused on the desert country of the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico, and covered such subjects as travel, history, mining, geology, human interest, wildlife, river running, exploration, and prospecting.

Scribd user dm1937 has contributed nearly 150 issues of Desert Magazine from 1938 to 1949! They're a must read for anyone interested in the the time period, old magazines, or the American West.


Read this doc on Scribd: 194811-DesertMagazine-1948-November

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Read this doc on Scribd: 194108-DesertMagazine-1941-August

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