"Re-branded e-books" are spam that may place your Scribd account in danger

Recently, we've seen a glut of new users that have uploaded "re-branded e-books," which typically look like this:

"Re-branded e-books" are little more than spam in PDF form. Their sole purpose is to entice readers to click on ads that lead to affiliate marketing sites, phishing sites, and other malicious sites under the guise of an "informative article," usually on topics such as "affiliate marketing," "make money off the Internet," "free downloads," "how to be the eBay King," etc.

If you currently publish one or more "rebranded e-books" on Scribd, remove them now.

Regardless of whether you use rebranded e-books for "legitimate business," Scribd considers them to be malicious spam. This type of content damages our ranking at Google and other search engines, which directly affects the vast majority of legitimate users on Scribd.com. Any user that uses the Scribd network to distribute spam, whether knowingly or unknowingly, may have his/her account terminated and documents deleted at any time, without notice.