What's Your Type?

When I'm browsing Scribd for a good presentation on sleeping patterns, it's a hassle to wade through several pages of guitar chords for R.E.M. songs. I've often found myself browsing and searching for documents on Scribd and thinking, "I wish there was a way I could see only PowerPoint presentations."

Now you can filter your browsing and search results to display only documents of a certain type. Browse pages such as Most Liked, Most Recent, and Most Viewed now feature a list of document types in the left column.

Click any one of the file types to limit your view to that type. Here's the Most Recent document page, filtered to show only the PowerPoint presentations:

You can also filter search results by type through the Advanced Search panel. Here's the panel set to show only "lolcat" images.
From the search results page, click "More Options" to change or disable the file type filter.