Change Your Group Security Level

Group admins, listen up!

Okay, we've all been there. You create your first public group about something you're passionate about, we'll say chocolate for example, so that other chocolate lovers can share documents and discussions about all things chocolate. But that's before you realize that anybody can join and public group and add pretty much anything without asking you first, and soon your group about chocolate is a group about everything *but* chocolate.

Until recently, the only thing to do was to create a new "managed public" group, and migrate your documents over. But no longer. Now, group admins can change the security level on their groups at any time.

Here's how:

  1. Login to Scribd and go to Groups
  2. Select a group from My Groups
  3. Click Administer
  4. Click Change group type
  5. Select a group security type (public, managed public, private)
  6. Click Submit

In other Groups news, you can now delete whole discussion topics if you feel they're inappropriate. Group admins will see a red "X" next to group topics. Click the X to delete the topic.