Clickpass brings OpenID to Scribd

OpenID has come to Scribd. We've implemented OpenID support with Clickpass, a fantastic site that makes managing your OpenID sites a breeze! Now, anybody can log in to Scribd with an OpenID, regardless of your OpenID provider.

What is OpenID?

OpenID allows you to log on to many different web sites using a sing digital identity, also known as "single sign-on." Once you sign up with a trusted OpenID provider (such as Clickpass,, Yahoo, Google, Orange, and others), you are given a digital identity that looks like a web address, such as

When a website supports OpenID, all you have to do is provide your OpenID URL. The site then checks with your OpenID provider to verify your identity. Your provider will typically ask that you enter your password and add the destination site to a list of trusted sites. With that done, you can then access the website at any time with your OpenID URL.

Clickpass makes this process even easier. If Clickpass is your OpenID provider of choice, you can log into Scribd with one click. However, you can log in with an OpenID from any provider by clicking the expand arrow on the Clickpass button.

Users of AIM, LiveJournal, WordPress, Smugmug, and Technorati can utilize their accounts from the aforementioned services for OpenID access through the Clickpass menu as well.

What if I already have a Scribd account?

No problemo. After you log in with your OpenID for the first time, we'll ask if you want to create a new account or merge your OpenID with an account already on Scribd. Of course, you'll need to provide your Scribd username and password in order to merge accounts.