It seems like every day that we hear about a new site that's using iPaper to bring rich document support to their readers. Every time we think we've found all the uses for iPaper, another group of entrepreneurs hands us a happy surprise. Here are three recent integrations that have recently caught our eye:

Kosmix is a search engine that aggregates content from several sources - including Scribd - and displays them in an easy-to-read format. Search for any topic and Kosmix will display the matching documents from Scribd in the "Presentations and Reports" section, along with content from Google, YouTube, and other sites.

OnStage is a fantastic new collaboration portal that makes it easy for groups to plan projects, share data, and manage project resources on the web. Now you can view any document uploaded to your OnStage portal in iPaper!

Posterous is one of the most interesting innovations in blogging to come down the line since Twitter. With Posterous, there's no sign up, no entry pages. Simply attach any document in an email to Posterous, and Posterous will instantly create a blog for you, convert the attachment to iPaper, and embed it in your new blog. It's an amazingly elegant way to create a simple site, and we're proud that Posterous has chosen iPaper as their document format of choice!