Scribd discontinues JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF support

Since our launch, we've worked really hard to make Scribd the go-to web destination for documents. We've experimented with various features, but the response from our community has been loud and clear: stay focused on documents.

Last year, on a trial basis, we opened Scribd up to uploads of images and photos. Today, that trial period ends. As of 2 September 2008, Scribd will no longer support direct upload of the following file formats:

  • jpg, jpeg
  • gif
  • png
  • tiff

Scribd will continue to support images that are part of document formats, such as Word docs, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations.

If you already have images on Scribd, don't worry - they're not going anywhere. Legacy image files will NOT be removed from the site.

We understand that discontinuing support for photos may negatively impact some users, but we think the vast majority will find Scribd a much better place to publish, read, and learn.

If you're looking for good places to publish your photos, we recommend the following websites: