New Design Tour: My Scribd

Thanks, everyone, for sending in feedback about our redesign. We read and consider every email sent to us - both the compliments and the criticisms. If you haven't already, let us know how you like it!

This post will shed some light on our new My Scribd section, which pulls together most of the features for publishing and managing your documents.

When you log into your Scribd account, we take you to My Home, which shows a thumbnail digest of new documents from your friends, recently featured documents, recently uploaded documents, and the latest activity in your groups.

Once you've reviewed your group activity, click "I've seen all these" to dismiss that box.

On the left of My Home, you'll find your notification status and your current stats. Click the notification box to go right ot your inbox. The News section shows the latest and greatest news from Scribd HQ.

My Profile is the page that the public will see when they click on your username anywhere on the site. Your profile shows some basic information about you, your profile picture, and your recent uploads. Scroll to the bottom of the document list for a link to view all your documents as the public sees them. Use the search box under your profile picture to search through your documents only.

The more information in your profile, the better your chances of building a community of avid readers.

My Friends is a list of Scribd members that really like your stuff!

My Groups is a list of the groups that you belong to and administer. Your private groups are shown here, too, but are not shown to the public.

Recommendations are documents that our recommendation robot thinks you'll find interesting.

The Settings panel is your primary dashboard for administering your account. Here you can:

  • Change your password
  • Edit your profile
  • Configure iPaper@Scribd settings
  • View API Account Settings (must be associated with a Scribd API account)
  • View and configure advertising settings (must be associated with a Scribd API account)

We'll be showcasing more of the new site design in the upcoming days and weeks. Check back soon for information about My Docs and your Inbox!