David Hewson on Scribd

Scribd is proud to host some new and legacy works by British crime and mystery writer David Hewson. Hewson's "Nic Costa" novels have intrigued mystery aficionados since the publication of the first in 2003. The latest in the series, Dante's Numbers, will be available in the US next year, but for a limited time only, you can read the first Nic Costa novel, A Season for the Dead, in its entirety on Scribd courtesy of Mr. Hewson and Bantam Dell.

Read this document on Scribd: A Season for the Dead by David Hewson

In addition to tales of mystery, Mr. Hewson is an accomplished community activist, and has detailed his small community's fight against unfair development schemes in Saved, also available on Scribd.

Read this document on Scribd: Saved by David Hewson

Mr. Hewson's hometown of Kent is the setting for one of his earlier mysteries, Native Rites.

Read this document on Scribd: Native Rites

For more about David Hewson, visit his website at http://davidhewson.com.