Scribd for Mobile

Scribd is proud to announce Scribd for Mobile - a simplified version of Scribd designed especially for mobile devices like the iPhone and G1. Scribd for Mobile loads fast - even on slow connections - and the large thumbnails and easy-to-read text take the pain out of browsing for documents on-the-go.

Scribd will detect your mobile device automatically and then send you to Scribd for Mobile, where you can search the massive Scribd library for content, or browse the latest featured documents.

Simply click an item to review its description and tags. If it looks good, click DOWNLOAD NOW to read it.

In order to read Scribd documents on your mobile device, the device must support native document formats like PDF, doc, ppt, and xls. Some files may be too large to read on your particular device. Check your device's documentation for more information about file size limits.